Dental Impressions - The Foundation of Personalized Dental Care

Dental Impressions at Jenkins Dental play a crucial role in creating personalized dental treatments. Our advanced impression techniques ensure precision and comfort.

Dental Impressions

What Are Dental Impressions and How Are They Used?

Dental Impressions are molds taken of your teeth and mouth. They are used to create accurate models for various dental treatments, such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and orthodontic devices.

What Can You Expect During the Dental Impression Process?

The process involves placing a soft, pliable material in a tray, which is then positioned in your mouth. Once the material sets, it forms a mold of your teeth and gums.

How Do We Ensure Comfort and Accuracy in Dental Impressions?

Our team uses the latest impression materials and techniques to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible, while also achieving highly accurate results.

What Dental Treatments Require Impressions?

Impressions are required for various treatments, including restorative procedures like crowns and bridges, as well as orthodontic treatments and custom mouthguards.

Experience Precise Dental Care

Need a dental treatment that requires an impression? Contact Jenkins Dental for precise and comfortable dental care.