Occlusal & Sports Guards - Maximum Protection for Your Teeth

Jenkins Dental provides custom-fitted Occlusal and Sports Guards to protect your teeth. Whether it's guarding against teeth grinding or ensuring safety during sports, our guards offer the best in comfort and protection.

Occlusal & Sports Guards

What Are Occlusal Guards and Who Needs Them?

Occlusal guards, or night guards, are worn to protect against teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism). They’re ideal for people who grind their teeth at night, preventing wear and tear, and alleviating jaw pain.

What Are Sports Guards and Why Are They Important?

Sports guards are essential for anyone participating in sports, especially contact sports. They protect against tooth damage, injuries to the lips, tongue, and cheeks, and can help prevent concussions.

How Are Occlusal and Sports Guards Customized?

We take impressions of your teeth to create guards that fit precisely, ensuring they are comfortable and effective. This customization provides better protection than over-the-counter options.

How to Care for Your Dental Guard?

To maintain your guard, clean it regularly, store it in a protective case, and bring it to your dental appointments for inspection.

Get Customized Protection for Your Teeth

Protect your teeth with a custom-fitted dental guard. Contact Jenkins Dental to learn more about our Occlusal and Sports Guards.