Occlusal Adjustment - Balancing Your Bite for Comfort

Occlusal Adjustment at Jenkins Dental involves reshaping the biting surfaces of the teeth to create a more balanced bite. This procedure can relieve discomfort caused by misaligned teeth and an uneven bite.

Occlusal Adjustment

What Is Occlusal Adjustment and Who Needs It?

Occlusal Adjustment, or bite adjustment, is a procedure where minor adjustments are made to the surfaces of the teeth to improve the way they come together. It's often recommended for patients experiencing jaw pain, headaches, or tooth wear due to bite issues.

How Is Occlusal Adjustment Performed?

The process involves using special tools to carefully remove small amounts of tooth enamel to alter the biting surface. The goal is to reduce stress on the teeth and jaw muscles, creating a more comfortable bite.

What Are the Benefits of Occlusal Adjustment?

Benefits include reduced jaw pain, decreased risk of tooth wear and damage, improved function, and often, relief from associated headaches or neck pain.

How to Maintain Your Bite After Occlusal Adjustment?

Regular dental check-ups and maintaining good oral hygiene are important after an occlusal adjustment. Avoiding hard foods and wearing a night guard if recommended can also help.

Correct Your Bite with Occlusal Adjustment

Experiencing discomfort or pain due to your bite? Contact Jenkins Dental for a consultation on occlusal adjustment.