Same Day Crowns - Quality and Convenience Combined

At Jenkins Dental, we offer Same Day Crowns, a revolutionary service that allows us to create and place a custom crown in just one office visit. This efficient process combines quality with convenience.

Same Day Crowns

What Are Same Day Crowns and How Are They Different?

Same Day Crowns are made using advanced CAD/CAM technology, which designs and mills your custom crown in the office during your appointment. This differs from traditional crowns, which require multiple visits and temporary crowns.

What Is the Process for Getting a Same Day Crown?

The process involves digitally scanning your tooth, designing the crown using specialized software, milling the crown in-office, and finally, fitting and cementing the crown on your tooth—all in one visit.

What Are the Benefits of Same Day Crowns?

Benefits include reduced treatment time, no need for temporary crowns, fewer injections, and a comfortable digital impression process. Plus, the crowns are custom-made to match your teeth perfectly.

Are Same Day Crowns Right for Everyone?

While Same Day Crowns are suitable for many patients, some cases may still require traditional crowns. We assess each case individually to determine the best option.

Experience the Convenience of Same Day Crowns

Interested in getting a dental crown in just one visit? Schedule an appointment at Jenkins Dental to learn more about our Same Day Crowns